this is the weakest thing i've read from you (and i think i've read most of what you've written on the internet... as far as i can tell).

i would usually spend time calling things out but there are too many spots; at a high-level, your basic premise is that founders should have a "strong" cap table. this is obvious as it is self-evident. but, i imagined you would then provide a strong argument as to why... and this is the only thing i could find that answers that simple but fundamental question:

> These investors can connect you to other investors for later rounds and set you up for a longer term future.

... but i had to reach to find the connection... cause every investor does this... you've provided very little in addition to what investors already executes against. my assumption is that you're argument is that a MORE diverse cap table will create more diverse connections for the founder... and although that might be true, real "diversity" in reality is a luxury that few founders really have... most will take money b/c they just need to survive and diversity isn't something you give a shit when you're dying.

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