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In 2008, we were awaiting a wire for our Series B financing. The term sheets were signed and all we were waiting for was the money to be wired. The day the money was supposed to arrive was the day Lehman Brothers collapsed. With no investment money coming in, and $3million dollar ad revenue contracts disappearing overnight, we built Kabam a mobile gaming company. Seven years later, we became a unicorn. In 2017 we sold to NetMarble and FoxNext. 

Welcome to Founder Musings by me, Holly Liu. Co-founder @Kabam, a mobile gaming company that built Marvel: Contest of Champions. Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth, Kingdoms of Camelot

I previously spent the last 2 years as Visiting Partner at Y Combinator (YC). I write about things I’ve learned in the last 10 years about founding and building a VC backed company as well as advising and investing in 200+ tech startups at YC. 

This newsletter is written for founders, especially those who are not the CEO or operators. There are a lot of support and information for the CEO and even operators ranging from bootcamps to invite-only conferences but nothing for the founders that rally behind the CEO to help bring it from 0 to ♾️. My goal is that this is the place and community for YOU.

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Holly L
Founder @Kabam, 1st ABC 🚺with a $1Billion exit :: Fortune's Most Powerful Woman in Gaming ::https://t.co/sXUExMqh9X :: Visiting Partner @YCombinator